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What Does This Do?
The EHS Diversity & Leadership Club is an open enrollment affinity group dedicated to enhancing the cultural and educational experiences of students of color and other students needing academic support networks. We provide support through academic reinforcement and leadership development by challenging students to see themselves as leaders in their community. We introduce students to the culture of lifelong transformative leadership, social development, self-development, academic performance improvement, and leadership coaching.

The Club seeks to empower students by assisting them with enhancing their voices and becoming everyday leaders. Our Club uses encouraging and supportive opportunities for intentional engagement, self reflection, and academic skill development. We believe in developing visionary, goal-driven, and action-oriented student leaders.

Research shows not every child enters the world with a natural capacity to lead. It is impossible to expect that a child would be born with all the tools and complexities needed to lead. Social systems are complex, can feel excluding and take training and timing to navigate–this is where we support the development of student leaders.

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