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Through a variety of researched-based leadership theories and models, the Diversity & Leadership Club utilizes the following principles to guide their leadership education:

  • Leadership is an academic discipline that can be taught and learned.
  • Leadership is multifaceted that blends theory and practice.
  • Leadership is a process that is not solely defined by position, title or authority; anyone can be a great leader.
  • Leadership is ethical and just.
  • Leadership is collaborative, inclusive and the at the foundation of social justice.

How do we do it?

The Club will assist students in charting and cultivating, study skills, time management, classroom participation, taking on increased academic responsibility and enrichment.

We believe this happens best by developing each student’s personal and professional leadership potential. Imagine your student demanding to enroll in all AP courses and facilitating classroom discussions. We will enhance your students educational experience through, workshops, conferences, field trips, speaker’s series, community service, internships, group facilitation, and a culminating year-end project.

There are two lasting things that we give our children. One is roots and the other is wings. Our belief is if a student feels a deep sense of belonging to their community then nothing can disrupt or disturb a strong relationship to self, therefore allowing them to develop wings for soaring and thriving.

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